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Supporting global and domestic brands to innovate, achieve product approvals and manufacture high quality products.

From innovation to establishing the highest quality standards in production, we are realising a world of potential in one home.

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Nicotine Products

For the electronic cigarette, NRT and novel nicotine delivery technology industries

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Nerudia Compliance

A full product stewardship solution for compliance with regulations governing the vaping industry

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Regulatory Support

A complete service specialising in Nicotine Containing Products (NCPs) and Inhaled Drug/Device products

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Analytical Services

Analytical and scientific testing services for nicotine products

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Innovation is at the heart of everything we do

We are at the beginning of a technology journey and to differentiate we must innovate.

Mixing our knowledge and insight into the industry with our creativity, we offer either collaborative innovation or licenced platforms and full Intellectual Property Management.

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