End Of TPD Transition Period

Have you done everything to ensure your products are compliant?

19th May 2017 is the end of the TPD transition period. From 20th May 2017 only TPD compliant products can be sold, and any remaining stock of non-compliant product must be removed from sale.

20th May is also the deadline for submission of annual sales reporting data for TPD notified products which were on sale between 20 May and 31 December 2016.

If you haven’t yet notified your products then act now!

Once your notification is submitted and listed on the MHRA published list then you are able to put your product on sale in the UK.

Nerudia can help you with:

    • Analytical testing of e-liquids and e-cigarettes. All of our testing prices include a review of the data and a report containing any observations
    • Toxicological data for e-liquid ingredients from our V-Tox database
    • Packaging and labelling reviews for TPD compliance
    • Entering your submission data into the EU-CEG Portal
    • Entering your annual sales data for notified products
    • New product development and notification

For more information on any of these services, or any other enquiries about regulatory compliance, please contact compliance@nerudia.com today.