The simple solution for your e-cigarette/ENDS and e-liquid toxicological data

NER_UK_094_V-TOX-LOGO_00_AV-ToxTM is a database comprising toxicological data which has been generated from scientific literature. The database consists of 600+ ingredients found in e-liquid and compounds found in e-cigarette emissions, for which we have completed a toxicological literature search.

Each search covers the following categories of toxicity:

  • Emissions Toxicity
  • Carcinogenic, Mutagenic or Reproductive Toxicity
  • CardioPulmonary Toxicity
  • Addictive Toxicity
  • Other Toxicity

Simply search for your ingredients in our V-Tox database, let us know which ones you require, and we will supply you with series of PDF files – one for each category for which there is toxicological information available. You can then upload the files as part of your TPD notification.

Download V-Tox List

Simply search the database by either ingredient name or CAS number, then contact us to buy the report.

If you need data for an ingredient that is not currently listed in V-Tox then let us know and we can carry out a literature search for you.