E-liquid for electronic cigarettes and nicotine products for the NRT and novel nicotine delivery technology industries

E-liquid for electronic cigarettes

At Nerudia we are committed to producing e-liquid to the highest standards practicably achievable. We manage this through using quality raw materials; continuous improvement of our processes and procedures; and the experience and expertise of our employees.

Manufactured at our 12,000m2 pharmaceutical facility in Liverpool, UK, our e-liquid is produced in cGMP Grade D cleanrooms using pharma grade ingredients. With close relationships with the finest flavour houses, and bespoke mixing methodology, we ensure full flavour infusion in every formulation.

We are passionate about great tasting e-liquids

With strategic relationships with the world’s finest flavour houses we offer only flavours of the highest quality or can work with our customers’ own flavours.

From simple single note flavours through to complex blends, our ever-evolving range caters for changing market trends and our in-house formulation development team will work with you to deliver delicious flavours that your customers will love. Whether established Nerudia formulations or custom developed flavours, our bespoke mixing methodology ensures full flavour infusion in the finished e-liquid for every formulation we make.

We are committed to full disclosure of flavour ingredients in readiness for future regulations, whilst allowing confidentiality between brand and flavour.

Our business is about nicotine

We are a distributor of ESP/USP pharmaceutical grade nicotine and solutions of nicotine in PG/VG.

Sourcing nicotine from Contraf-Nicotex-Tobacco GmbH (CNT), we offer a unique cGMP compliant supply chain, with full control from leaf through to finished product.

  • Manufactured in Switzerland, CNT nicotine is produced under current pharmaceutical Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) and in compliance with ICHQ7 (International Conference on Harmonisation).
  • World’s largest manufacturer of Nicotine EP/USP
  • Nicotine EP/USP manufactured in Switzerland under full pharmaceutical cGMP
  • European Certificates of Suitability (CEP), Drug Master Files in USA, Japan & other countries in place and referenced by multiple customers
  • Ultra-low impurity levels (far below EP/USP limits)
  • Superior neutral taste profile
  • Stability data of more than five years
  • Raw material sourced and semi-processed by Contraf-Nicotex-Tobacco’s own facility in India

We are committed to manufacturing quality products

At Nerudia we seek to exceed the expectations of our customers. We do this by adopting the highest standards of manufacture and control, to ensure that each component we produce is of as high a standard as is practicable to achieve.

By working to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), we ensure that products are consistently produced and controlled, and are fit for purpose. This covers all aspects of production from the starting materials, our premises and equipment, through to training and personal hygiene of staff.

We are committed to continually improving the effectiveness of our Quality Management System through regular review of policies and procedures, and effective communication of these changes across the organisation.

Our unique focus allows us to manufacture in a pharmaceutical way without incurring pharmaceutical costs. Catering for both global and domestic brands, we offer a portfolio of products and services to our customers.