Compliance Testing

We can guide you through the entire TPD notification process, helping you with every step of your notification and providing all of the data to help ensure compliance


Emissions Testing

The following standard tests are available, including analytical reports, method statements and a 30 minute follow-up call to review results.

Nicotine dose consistency via HPLC (in aerosol)

Determination of levels of carbonyls through LC-UV / LC-MS (in aerosol)

Confirmation of absence of DA/AP through LC-MS (in aerosol or liquid)

Screen of unknown compounds/toxicants via TDGC-MS (in aerosol or liquid)

Confirmation of nicotine content via HPLC (in liquid)

Nicotine related substances via HPLC (in liquid)

Quantification of metals in aerosol via ICP-MS


Additional Tests & Services


Comprehensive ingredient technical information and toxicological information (per ingredient)

Subject experts in Regulations and Toxicology will produce a report with all of the relevant ingredient technical information listed in section 5 of the data dictionary (i.e. CAS numbers, REACH Registration etc.), and the toxicology related fields for each ingredient. You will be supplied with multiple pdf files containing ingredient data and toxicity files (CMR, CardioPulmonary, Addictive, Emissions and Other).


Product details checklist

You will receive a checklist of all of the information required about the product. This is split into 2 parts: Part A (product information) and Part B (sales information). Our team will also answer any relevant questions.


Packaging review and compliance audit

We will audit your outer packaging, insert and primary packaging, and provide you with a report based on this review.


Creation of a refill mechanism description document

We will review your current product and create a simple description of the opening and refill mechanism. You will receive the completed description document ready for upload.


Entering your product data into the EU submission tool

We will provide you with a checklist of all of the data required for your product notification. Then, when you provide us with the data, we will transfer it into the EU submission tool.


Product device design details checklist

You will receive a checklist of all of the information required to enter your product design details. Our team will also answer any relevant questions.


Provision of TPD compliant leaflet

We will provide a template for the design of the leaflet that must be provided with a product under TPD, and then perform a final review of your completed leaflet.


Child resistant test and certificate to ISO 8317

We will undertake full ISO 8317 child resistant testing on your container, and provide you with the Certificate upon successful completion of the testing.

Price breaks are available depending on the number of tests and services that you order.

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