Compliance with EU TPD, FDA PMTA, and other regulations governing the vaping industry

Everything you need for TPD and PMTA compliance

Nerudia offers a full solution to companies large or small who need to comply with the European Union Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) and the US Food and Drug Administration Pre-Market Tobacco product Application process (FDA PMTA).  We can guide you through the entire notification process, helping you with every step of your notification and providing all of the data to help ensure compliance.

Use us for as much or as little help as you need – pick and choose from our compliance products and services, or use us for the whole package.

Ingredient Toxicology

Comprehensive ingredient toxicological information

NER_UK_094_V-TOX-LOGO_00_AIn order to notify a TPD product or submit a PMTA, you will require toxicological data for your e-liquid ingredients and emissions from e-cigarettes/ENDS.

V-Tox database is a list of 600+ ingredients found in e-liquid and compounds found in e-cigarette emissions, for which we have completed a toxicological literature search. You can search the database for your ingredients either by name or by CAS number, and simply purchase the relevant reports.

If you need data for an ingredient that is not listed in V-Tox then let us know and we can carry out the work for you.

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