Innovation at Nerudia

With experience in the e-cigarette industry since 2008, we have experienced the development of the market and seen all of the changes from the appearance of the first cigalike products through to a global landscape.

We understand that in order to differentiate in an increasingly regulated industry innovation is crucial, and our highly skilled team of product designers, design engineers and chemists are developing the next generation of nicotine delivery products.

Our brand new dedicated innovation hub, Sensus, houses a design studio, development and engineering workshops, and a virtual reality development space. It is from here that the team develop concepts, study the feasibility of ideas that eventually guide them right through to the marketplace.

Our team generate ideas to develop brand new concepts, as well as looking at ways of improving products which are already on the market. This is called the “Breadboard” stage and involves sketching, initial modelling making and group idea generation. Next, comes the “Alpha” stage, where we take initial CAD models and rapid prototype them using the latest 3D printing techniques.

As we get closer to production we call this the “Beta” stage, where we also create ‘works like’ operational models which allow us to refine the design, before conducting consumer studies and design tooling. During this stage we work very closely with our Legal department for full Intellectual Property management where required.

With all departments working together we are able to put our creative talents into a process that keep our customers ahead of the competition, while exceeding the requirements of the changing regulations.

How we innovate

Working closely with consumers, regulators and industry, we mix their input with our intuition based on many years of experience to create innovative concepts based around the key features important to our clients. These include:

  • Flavour
  • Design
  • Nicotine delivery
  • Convenience and reliability
  • Safety
  • Cost

From initial concept right through to product launch, our innovation stage-gate process considers everything from analytical data through to market research, commercialisation, and IP, to ensure the feasibility of each and every idea that we offer to our clients.

Innovation waves

Our innovation concepts are presented to our key clients twice a year, we call this Innovation Wave One and Wave two. Each concept is presented with a commercial approach that allows customers to decide how they develop the ideas further. This can be achieved through outright purchase of the idea combined with our in-house development team or taken in-house to develop with their own team.

After initial face to face meetings and presentation of the concepts, clients who express an initial interest submit their Q&A and receive due diligence packs which include patent filings and commercial terms.

Future plans

With Phase 1 of Sensus now complete work is starting on Phase 2, which will include the installation of 3D scanning and laser cutting capabilities as well as a metrology suite.

The Innovation team is quickly growing and we are expanding on our core skills. With a recruitment plan to grow by 3 people per quarter, the future of innovation at Nerudia is an exciting prospect.

David Jones,
Head of Innovation