Automation of  e liquid manufacturing process

E –cigarette is fast replacing the tobacco cigarettes and is becoming popular as a safer alternative. E Liquid used in e cigarette provides Nicotine free of well established hazards associated with smoking a tobacco cigarette.

Maintaining quality standards and provision of the consistent supply of e liquid makes it all the more important to ensure e-cigarette smokers to have the confidence in the product.

To ensure consistency in quality of the product the manufacturing focus must be on developing systems that eliminates or minimize errors in operations. Automation of the process is key to providing consistent control on quality of the product as has been established in the modern Pharmaceutical manufacturing operations.
Control system built and validated to the latest GAMP standards must be used to operate the plant and equipment. In this way it can be ensured correct volumes are dispensed and process control parameters are maintained to validated specifications. Siemens’s and Alan Bradley are the two established PLC based system that are widely used in the Pharmaceutical industry to operate the process operations. These control system provides complete tracability of the actions performed during the manufacturing operations.

We in Nerudia have developed systems that are automated and controlled using modern systems in an effort to provide good quality e liquid product.


Zarar Naseer, Operations Manager