European Commission moves to implement common notification system

As many of you will already know, the European Commission has recently published the implementing act that creates the EU “common notification format” for electronic cigarettes. The plan is for this to become law by the last quarter of the year and for there to be an IT system in place that will allow manufacturers and importers to make their notifications for all the markets they serve in the EU. It is this IT system that the Commission is currently consulting on, and last Thursday a webinar was held to begin the process of setting up the system.

  • The annex of the implementing act forms the basis of the notification system – that is to say that the fields listed in the annex of the implementing act will be the ones manufacturers need to complete in order to submit a notification using the system.
  • Companies with comprehensive IT systems will be able to submit notifications directly via a system to system transfer based on XML, a coding language.
  • Smaller companies will need to use a dedicated service that the Commission is in the process of building – as yet, the EC has not decided whether the system will be based on web forms or a downloadable application, although it seems to prefer the latter solution.
  • The central system will transmit the submitted data to Member States, who are themselves responsible for analysing it and are entitled to charge fees for this.
  • The system goes live on 20 May, the same day as notifications begin to be submitted. There will be monthly update webinars as the go-live date approaches.

If you have any questions about the system or TPD compliance in general, feel free to contact me directly. If you’re at GTNF, InterTabac or VapExpo in the coming week, I’ll be on hand to talk TPD in person.

Peter Beckett, Head of Compliance