Innovation Graduate Assessment Day

At Nerudia we take an integrated approach to helping our customers; from Innovation through Regulatory Compliance to Manufacturing.

Our Innovation team develop ways for brands to differentiate themselves in this fast growing but increasingly regulated market. With 14 individual patent applications already filed, 26 more pending, and 124 registered/granted designs, we are continually looking for new talent to expand this exciting department and contribute to our customers’ success.

In order to find candidates who have the skills and flair we are looking for we recently put twelve design and engineering graduates through their paces at the first ‘Nerudia Innovation Graduate Assessment Day’. The event, organised in collaboration with Ginger Recruitment, was held at the Everyman Theatre in Liverpool. Colin Roskell, Innovation Project Manager, explains how the day went:

The day started off with an introduction to Nerudia and the way in which we innovate, courtesy of David Jones, Head of Innovation. Following this it was straight into the first assessment for which our graduates were spilt into three teams. A box containing a number of components awaited each team; when constructed these would create an Air Powered Car. The challenge? We hadn’t given them the instructions! With a time limit in place it was down to the candidates to construct the cars using their skills and intuition. They rolled up their sleeves and, with their newly found teammates, got straight to work.

Over the course of the next 100 minutes the graduates assembled, puzzled and discussed the challenge in front of them. Once time was up the cars had been assembled to varying degrees of success with only a few parts left remaining. But this challenge had been more about the journey than the destination, with our Nerudia assessors watching closely. They looked for teamwork, how the graduates’ minds worked and those sparks of individuality.

Next up was lunch together with a preview of our Virtual Reality system. With sandwiches in hand the graduates lined up to try out the VR technology Nerudia is using to help showcase the company and assist with our innovation.

After lunch it was time for design. Each of our candidates was given a product design brief and 45 minutes in which to bring their ideas to life. With the sounds of Mozart playing the graduates got creative, coming up with lots of interesting and innovative product concepts which were challenged and reviewed by our expert Nerudia team.

After a quick break it was time for the last assessment. A week previously, each of the graduates had been given a brief: ‘Pick an iconic design and create a ten minute presentation on why the design is iconic, why it is innovative and the features of the design’. Subjects ranged from Dyson to Mini Cooper, Bic and even artificial joints. The graduates stood before the Nerudia Team and gave their insight into their chosen design… think Dragons Den (but hopefully not as intimidating!).

With a quick recap, and a thank you to all the candidates that attended, the day was complete. It was great to see young aspiring talent coming into the world of engineering and design, and some excellent candidates who could potentially help to shape the future of the e-cigarette market. The only difficult task now is to choose between them!