3rd Annual Next Generation Nicotine Delivery Conference

When the Next Generation Nicotine Delivery team confirmed the date for their conference as 16th & 17th November I thought it would be an exciting time given the imminent TPD deadline date, and of course I wasn’t disappointed!

As well as the usual buzz that you would expect from this conference with a mixed bag audience of scientists, flavorists, big tobacco, manufacturers and the interesting agenda, most people were in the final throes of TPD… which made for some very interesting conversations!

The event started with Beryl Keeley from the MHRA providing an update, where I was surprised that synchronisation across the different regulatory bodies across Europe still needs significant work. Tim Philips from ECigIntelligence gave a summary of developments in the market and the impacts of TPD, whilst other presentations around the subject of TPD in Europe touched on some of the ways companies will need to adapt and how innovation will play a key part in this.

In contrast from, the other side of the pond, Mark Kehaya introduced the challenges and opportunities that companies face in the US with the FDA Tobacco Control Act and how the ‘Cole Bill’ next March may affect the grandfathering date for all products. Other presentations touching on the FDA regulations confirmed that once again the rules of engagement for FDA requirements are unclear.

There was also a panel interview with our very own David Newns (co-founder of Nerudia), Rob Burton (Head of Consultancy & Compliance) and Paul Hardman (Scientific Lead), where we discussed what we thought were the biggest challenges for TPD now and in the future, how we are supporting companies in the US with the FDA regulations, and given our experience whether we think medicinal e-cigarettes are still an attractive prospect.

During the break periods we had fun asking attendees to wear our Virtual Reality headset as an innovative way to showcase our MHRA licenced facility and introduce them to some of the team and products and services that we offer.

Light-hearted debates amongst peers at the round table discussions at the end of each day proved enlightening on subjects ranging from ‘investigating toxicology and safety guidelines with consumers needs in mind’ and ‘reducing illicit trade.’

From my perspective the biggest take away from this conference was that every company now has to take into account how the regulations within each country will affect their business, that companies in the industry are working together to fulfil all the requirements for the regulations, and how most people agree that the regulations are a good thing for the industry as a whole.

I look forward to continuing to discuss the science behind e-liquid and how innovation will help the industry grow as regulations develop!

Cara Leach, Commercial Manager